Welcome to the updated aviation tracking site.

Key changes:

  • This site only contains 2019 flights.  For flights before 2019 contact Sonya.
  • This site implements UI changes tested in March 2019, including
    • Availability times only displayed if mission code is Daily Availability.  Note: Availability must be entered on it's own leg per policy.
    • Retardant chemical/water fields only displayed if mission code is "Aerial Application..."
    • Extra costs only added if "Additional Costs" is set to yes.
    • If you type DFPC in as the incident name, DFPC is chosed as the Ordering Agency automatically (this can be overridden).
  • There are a few other minor changes, but nothing significant.

Note: you will see various "blankxx" fields.  These are for spacing and will be hidden when I get a chance - BGann.

This site is for logging aviation assets for the Colorado DFPC (Division of Fire Prevention and Control).

All other use or use by non-authorized personnel is strictly Prohibited.